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Alternative Fashion Trends That Ended Up Turning Mainstream

Being unique, being different in a world where everybody is striving to achieve their own personal sense of style is hard. Trailblazing alternative fashion ideas, what was once innovation and creation just become trends, become popular and then worst of all… Mainstream!!!

The more you strive to be individual, the more you will end up the same.

Fashion designers and clothing manufacturers will always take ideas, inspiration and well, just Take, from indie designers and cultural street styles.

Nothing is sacred, and as soon as alternative trends become popular, they will inevitably be copied, diluted, and burnt out… 

Fortunately, tho, as trends become popular with the masses, they often lose their appeal. This is simply the nature of the beast; fashion is constantly evolving, dying, and then reinventing itself as something completely new.

Now, don’t cry, its your choice at the end of the day, you dont have to be a trend follower… You can choose to find something that genuinely represents you.

Fashion always goes full circle with the enhancement of a modernized element.

If you find what you are really passionate about, then your style will continue to evolve naturally becoming more unique and bespoke while remaining timeless and cool without conforming to the zeitgeist.

At Already Dead we love it when something cool comes along but then gets forgotten, we collect this stuff, we build on it, we incorporate it…

Everybody steals, nothing is unique and no idea is original but picking the best of everything is a pretty good way to go.


“Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way.“

Tom Freston (born 1945), Co-founder of MTV


Most of the trends and cultures that inspire Already Dead are those that already have a huge element of personal customization innate at their core.

Punk – Metal – Rave – Grunge – Goth – Ratlook – Industrial

At their core there is little about brand names, rather an emphasis on a personalized aesthetic, more often than not it is a direct rejection of the mass-produced, consumerism tat that is adopted by the unimaginative…

Music styles and Bands may be interpreted as the alternative to brands for these cultures but these again are chosen through personal taste to enhance rather than follow.

The authentic nature of a bootlegged 1995 Mindless Self Indulgence Hoodie holds so much more intangible credibility than a Miss Selfridges MotorHead Tee… It just fails the sniff test at a thousand yards… whether or not you like MSI you know the garment is being worn with genuine affection and not just with aesthetic indifference.

Already Dead Celebrates The Unique And The Different